WordPress Training for Beginners & Programmers
We teach workshops in San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, & New York City.

Why WordPress is the best choice for building your website. There are several reasons. Read on.

  • WordPress has excellent SEO

    WordPress is inherently quite SEO-friendly, with features such as the ability to automatically generate search-friendly URLS, but with the addition of a couple of plugins, such as the Google XML Site Map and the All-in-One SEO pack, you can force yourself to maintain good SEO discipline, giving your site the best chance of good search results

  • WordPress has a lot of amazing plugins

    Plugins allow you to extend the functionality of your WordPress site without knowing how to program. There are over 10,000 plugins available that help you add all kinds of functionality to your site, like social media sharing, SEO, photo slideshows, E-commerce, and a lot

  • WordPress is FREE

    WordPress is an Open Source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it. It is released under GPL, so you are free to use, modify, and redistribute the code.

  • WordPress is easy to use

    You don’t have to be a technical genius to learn how to use WordPress. If you know how to edit a Microsoft Word document, then you’ll be able to easily update the content on your WordPress site. Updating pages and/or blog posts on WordPress is literally as easy as editing a Word document – you don’t have to be a web designer to update your content.

Facts about WordPress :

74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress 92%
WordPress is free & easy to use. 80%
WordPress is easy & fast to launch. 100%

How does my workshops work ?

My name is Elle G and I’m a full-time WordPress Developer in Los Angeles and New York City. I teach WordPress & programming to my clients and new WordPress Students
I teach WordPress one-on-one or with staff for companies, non-profits, government agencies, and individuals. I teach all over the USA but mostly in the major metropolitan cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, etc
First you need to get to the FAQ page and fill in the questionnaire. Your answers will help me assess your skill levels. I can also tailor your WordPress training to match your needs.
All WordPress training must be paid by Paypal or corporate check ahead of your training. Once I lock your schedule, you are good to goo. If you have any questions, just shoot me an email to webdesigner2go@gmail.com

Be sure to fill in the FAQs before scheduling a workshop.

Once you send your answers to my Frequently Asked Questions, I will schedule your training for yourself or your group. Be sure to schedule your training a week or 10 days in advance as I travel everywhere. I will post my new calendar soon. Thanks for visiting my site.


Upcoming WordPress Workshops for Beginners in October/November 2016

  • los angeles wordpress workshops

Los Angeles One Day WordPress Crash Course for Beginners

Bloggers, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, etc. Come attend my web workshop and build your new site using WordPress. Liberate yourself from overpriced web developers. Learn how to do it yourself. Learn to create a Wordpress site yourself from beginning to completion. Starts Nov. 10

  • San Francisco Wordpress Workshops

San Francisco WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners

Attend an awesome Wordpress Bootcamp for Beginners in San Francisco. This class is geared for graphic designers or anyone who want to move from print to web. You will be able to create a simple Wordpress blog or site in 4 hours or less. Register for this class today. All WordPress training is private.

  • fernspatternsinnature-web-m

Portland WordPress Crash Course for Entrepreneurs & Startups – Beginners to WordPress welcome

Why WordPress is the Best CMS for your new website. WordPress is used in 25% of all websites globally. That translates to 76.5 Million websites using WordPress. WP is free and open source. WordPress is more than a blog publishing platform. It has a lot of versatility and gives you full flexibility to create any type of website. WordPress Is 99 % SEO Friendly . WordPress is growing fast and one of the main reason is it’s easy. Find out how in my WP crash course.

  • French Quarter Wordpress Training

New Orleans Blogging for Profit Classes – Beginners Class

Build a website fast with WordPress.New to WordPress and Blogging ? Got a Wordpress site created for you and now you have to learn how to update it. Then this is the workshop for you.I will be visiting New Orleans in June and teaching Wordpress Basics for Beginners, HTML/CSS Basics Class, and Google Analytics and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) for websites. Starts Sept. 15

  • North carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners

Build your own WordPress website today. It's very easy to do and I will show you how. Would you like to have a website that you can easily update yourself? Does your website need an facelift, but you can’t afford a web designer to build it? Do you want a website that you can be proud of? Do you just want to know how to manage and edit your own WordPress website?
Register today.

  • boise idaho wordpress training

Boise, Idaho WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners

Boise, Idaho WordPress Fast Track Build your own website  Workshop. Knock out a killer WordPress site in 2 -3 days. You can create a blog, a business site, or an Ecommerce site. My 3 day WordPress Bootcamp would be split in three sessions. Each session is 5 hours. Requirements : You will need a domain and a hosting account to install WordPress.


wordpress-easy to use

Domains and Hosting

I will show you how to select the right domain for your site with the appropriate keyword to maximize exposure. Selecting a host is very important for your new website. You can select Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, or an Amazon Cloud account.

Understand the differences between WordPress, Wix, Square Space, Weebly

There is a big difference between WordPress and its competition Squarespace and Wix. I will explain why WordPress has the advantage to the other content management systems in the universe.


WordPress CMS has 3 main components: The WordPress Core (WP4.5),the theme/template, & plugins


Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress. There are 44,294 free plugins. One popular plugin is Woo Commerce.


WordPress has hundreds of Free themes or templates to offer. Or you can buy them at Themeforest.The theme I am using on this site is called Avada.

My WP classes are real popular. Check my Yelp Reviews.